Popsicle Sticks, Cupcakes and Butterflies adorn K.Kristina's Quirky Collection

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“Life is too short to wear boring clothes”, it is something which goes perfectly for K Kristina’s collections. Bangalore based designer ensures that her collections have unique, quirky and vibrant elements like popsicles, dragon flies, cupcakes and butterflies along with dash of colours. One of her designs "pretty in pink" is subtle and lovely which ensures to make you stand out in the crowd.

Lace Jacket by K.Kristina

Her journey goes back way back since her childhood, when she would ransack her mother’s closet and start mixing and matching outfits. Her inspiration also comes from the time she spent with her father, helping him with his photo shoots where he would talk about colours. The same approach is reflected in her collections today, where she mixes and matches colours and designs taking them to another level. This isn’t all her collections are not just inspired by fashion but any art or architecture which strikes as beautiful to her. Her debut collection - “Hate to grow up” is a clear reflection of her personality. 

Blue Knee Length Skirt by K.Kristina

If her being a one man army wasn't enough, doing something this fantastic at such a small age merits extra mention, when one speaks of Karishma. 

Karishma Singh, Owner at K.Kristina

Her collections include - wrap dresses, peplum tops & shirts, collar dresses, capes, blouses and many more. Be it her “Tribal motif” skirt or “popper fly” border skirt - her designs are fun to wear. 

High Low Crop Top

One of the added advantage that her label provides is customised outfits on request. She has launched four collections so far - "hate to grow up" which is about happy feminine side of youth full of colours, "squares in perspective” where just squares are used to give outfits chic look, “monochrome” it pairs up the extreme elements together like light and dark, high and low, flat and textured & "vintage tea party” is about celebration of the people we have in our lives. Her collections take us on a colourful, fun-filled & adventurous ride. They are phenomenal and impressive! 
Black Printed Vest by K.Kristina
Ice Cream Skirt by K.Kristina
Peplum Top by K.Kristina
Be a part of this ride with SKIA as K. Kristina has partnered with SKIA this fortnight to bring/showcase her exclusive designs from her 3 top selling collections. Her collections are not only vibrant and quirky but also comfortable and promise to make your wardrobe summer ready and you summer happy.

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